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                            Product details

                            5'-cytidylate monophosphate

                            White crystal powder; it is used for the manufacturing of Cytidine triphosphate and other drugs. In addition, it can be added in baby milk as nutrient supplements.
                            Molecular weight:323.2
                            EC NO:200-556-6
                            Molecular formula:C9H14N3O8P
                            Alias: 5'-rCMP; Cytidine-5-monophosphate; Cytidine-5'-monophosphoric acid; Cytidine 5-monophosphate; 5-CMP; 5'-CYTIDYLIC ACID MONOHYDRATE; 5'-CMP; CMP; Cytidine 5'-monophosphate,free acid; Cytidine monophosphate; 5'-cytidylic acid; 5'-O-phosphonatocytidine; Cytidine 5'-monpohosphate,free acid; Cytidine 5'-monophosphate; Cytidylic acid; 5'-Cytidine Monophosphoric Acid 

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